November 21st, 2013

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A fascinating talk about how things will be changing around us in the next few years.

Euan Angus: Providing Solar Power to Victoria

As one of Victoria’s leading solar energy experts, Euan Angus Solar installs high quality solar photovoltaic panels (PV) and nowadays, appropriate battery storage.  We also design and  install solar hot water systems to suit both commercial and residential purposes.  Rest assured: we will provide you with the best system for your individual needs. 

To build a system that is correct for you.

First of all, we take the time to assess you premises, determining how much energy is used and therefore which system is best suited to your specific requirements. This can take a while if there are tricky and unexpected site features to overcome. This is time well spent to get the result WE want, for YOU.

Next we then set about designing a tailor-made solar energy solution to fit these specifications, before installing your new system using only the highest quality components. 

Finally, we install and sign off. Our experienced technicians are true experts in their field. All PV and battery system installations are carried out by our accredited electrician, while our hot water systems are installed by a solar hot water system specialist. Our systems come with both manufacturers’ and installation warranties for complete peace of mind.

With something as significant as an electricity generating system on the roof of what is very likely your largest single investment, it is good to know that you are in the best of hands.  You can count on Euan Angus to provide the highest quality design and installation – we don’t take any short cuts. Most of all, we will treat your installation as if it were on our own house or business.  Therefore you can rest assured you are receiving the best available. 

Because the best of equipment wears out.

When it comes to solar hot water and solar PV systems, maintenance is important because this ensures they continue to work safely and effectively. We can maintain and repair solar systems across Melbourne, reducing the likelihood of defects and your grief.

This is especially relevant to some people who were early adopters and bought their systems under the early rebate schemes. Unfortunately, a significant number of these systems were substandard to begin with and many have or will experience, premature degradation and failure.  Many of the installers have moved on for one reason or another  and the unlucky owner will struggle to find somebody to take on the assessment and repairs. Whilst we can not promise to help each and every person so effected, call us and we may be able to help.

Euan’s Personal and Business Philosophy.

“My personal business philosophy is based on the understanding that reputation is everything in maintaining a long-term relationship with customers. The words Quality and Service are widely promoted, but actually delivering on them is another matter – it requires a serious commitment and dedication to maintaining those principles in everything you do, with attention to every detail. That is how I like to work; no short-cuts, striving for the best and taking pride in every outcome.”
Euan Angus

Talk to Euan today (mobile phone number below) and let him advise you on the most cost effective and suitable solar power system for your Melbourne home or business, tailored to your individual needs. Alternatively, get in touch using the ‘Free Quote’ request form on the right. We will get back to you very soon.

To conclude.

Euan can also provide a consulting service if you just need an idea of what is available or on the horizon. Call and make an appointment for Euan to inspect you property and answer your questions.

NOTE: This is a NO OBLIGATION consultation. However this valuable advice is charged at an appropriate professional consultancy rate. You can take this advice and go and buy from another installer. That is entirely up to you. However, if you want the best and chose to go ahead and ask us to design and install, then obviously the consultation fee is deducted from the final total cost.

Call Euan for more details.

NB: Current service areas include (but are not limited to) Balwyn, Beaumaris, Black Rock, Brighton, Kew, Malvern and Surrey Hills.

For the best PV, battery and hot water systems, maintenance and repairs, call:

Mobile: 0455 370 240

Office: 1300 738 993

Some news from LG. They have recently released a new and higher efficiency panel.  It demonstrates some quite significant advantages and improvements over existing panels.  Click on the picture to download a spec sheet.


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There is a lot more information and some nifty calculators to help you work out prices, yields, ROI etc all  on the LG website. Go and take a look HERE.   Whilst you are there you can download a very useful Beginner’s Guide to Solar.

Or you can click on the link HERE.



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Why bother?

Not an unreasonable question..
So, in case you were wondering whether it really IS worth bothering with installing a solar system on your house, to minimise not only your fuel bills but the CO2 emitted to send you power from a coal or gas powered generating facility..

Atmospheric CO2

The graph above shows the inexorable rise in [CO2] over only the last 60 years.
It is this rate of change which is the most dangerous aspect for life as we know it, on this planet.
If this rate of change continues, long before we might have actually experienced the adverse physiological effects of a higher [CO2], the climatic and oceanic changes will have rendered the planet uninhabitable over large areas. These changes will last for thousands of years.
That is why.