June 7th, 2016

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The 5 Questions You Should Be Asking,
When Making Your Final Decision On
Your Solar System Solution.

This report will show you how to avoid costly and frustrating mistakes.

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Potential customers often tell us “I want the most reliable solar power installation that I can get. What should I buy?” We are called upon to offer this advice quite often and so to help out, we have put together this useful document for you to download.

In this report you will learn:

  • How to pick a system.
  • How to size a system. Is the one on offer too big, too small? Both possibilities can cause expensive problems you do not need or want..
  • A bit about batteries. A big topic in itself..
  • A bit about costs. Like everything in life, we get what we pay for and it is not very prudent to try and get the cheapest system for your $$s. It can well cost you much more in the long run…

We help home owners slash their energy bills and gain more control over generating and storing their own electricity.

As Sun Power Solution Specialists, we custom design a system for your home, to capture the sun’s energy for hot water, cooling and heating, lighting your home and running the internet, TV and appliances.

And we love what we do, because it’s completely Green Energy and great for our planet.

Euan Angus Solar ~ For the smart saver and environmentally conscious, home owner and business.