Commercial Solar PV (electricity) Systems

In the world of business no one invests capital unless they can be assured of a return. While the generally larger size of commercial PV systems can represent a correspondingly larger potential for energy savings, a credible assessment of business needs versus potential solar energy production is essential – it may mean that bigger is not always better in terms of return on investment. Euan Angus Solar offer detailed analysis of your company’s energy usage profile in relation to the expected energy yield profile of a planned solar PV array, in order to accurately calculate a payback timeline. In addition Euan Angus Solar uses only experienced engineers, system designers, installers and suppliers with proven track records and excellent credentials – which all means that with Euan Angus Solar, your investment is in safe hands.

What we can provide for your commercial installation:

  • The building energy load is accurately profiled.
  • An accurate yield profile is matched to the power usage profile to calculate accurate, bankable pay-back data.
  • A detailed and thorough structural engineering assessment ensures that potential structural problems are eliminated.
  • Detailed system engineering by contractors with international experience in large-scale solar PV ensures your system will perform reliably and meet its pay-back targets.
  • Detailed financial assessment – IRR / NPV

Speak to us about assessing your premises’ potential for solar power generation

Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems

Efficient solar hot water collectors have high conversion efficiency for turning energy from the sun into solar-heated water, which means minimum space for maximum energy return.

However many design factors should be considered when designing commercial-scale solar water heating systems. We have experience in solar storage tank design. We have designed and installed systems to suit various premises (from motels to multi-storey buildings) and our installers are experienced in large-scale system installation.

We also have a large range of “off-the-shelf” commercial packages for a variety of commercial applications – and they’re all approved for the creation of STC’s under the Renewable Energy Target.