Battery Back-Up is Here.

You have been reading about it and wondering whether it is worth it. After careful consideration of the pros and cons, one of customers recently decide it was and has gone ahead and is now experiencing the benefits of Integrated Solar PV/Battery Storage. They are now almost complete independent of the grid.

We recently installed a solar PV / battery storage hybrid system in Glen Iris.  The client now has a complete home energy system that provides most of their electricity, both day and night, 24/7.  The main grid is now simply a backup in case solar energy is very low.

In simple terms, excess solar energy that’s generated during the day is stored in batteries, ready for re-use when there is no Sun – hence both day and night, they are using power generated from their roof .

With this project, an important feature for the client was energy independence, particularly during times of grid outage in very hot weather.  They now have the security of knowing that when the grid goes down, their appliances will continue to operate from their battery storage system – all managed by the brilliant Selectronic SP PRO.

For those interested in some technical detail, the system has a 4.06 kWp LG solar PV array, using the highly efficient LG 290 Watt NeoN modules.  The array is connected to a Selectronic MyGrid battery storage system, which includes German Sonnenshein sealed lead-acid batteries with 10 kWh’s of useable battery storage.

The heart of the system is the Selectonic SP PRO inverter, which is arguably one of the best off-grid inverters on the market.  The SP PRO has a huge range of control parameters; it manages both solar energy and battery condition and communicates directly with the Kaco (German) grid-connected inverter.  The SP PRO will maximise self-consumption of their roof-top solar energy into the home, as well as maintaining battery condition and ensuring they never run out of power.  The best thing is the SP PRO is designed and manufactured right here in Chirnside Park, which is fantastic.  (NB: the SP PRO is now exported and distributed in Europe by Kaco, a leading German inverter manufacturer – that’s a real credit to Selectronic).’

You too could experience the comfort and security of knowing you are almost completely independent of the unremitting price rises that the power companies are helpfully telling us, will continue.

Call us to find out the options available and how we can help you to get that warm inner glow that comes from energy sufficiency.