As most people will be aware, the RET (Renewable Energy Target) is under threat from the Abbott government. The consultative process has been rigged. The information fixed to fit the agenda the agenda.

This should be of great concern to intelligent people with a basic grasp of physics and chemistry, but unfortunately, dogma and delusion get in the way of considered thoughtful policy, at least for this government.
Below are some links to a number of resources that cover the issue.
It is really very simple. The RET works, which is why what can only be realistically called The Filthy Energy Industry, wants it removed.
When the RET is gutted, they stand to gain $10 billion, to continue to add to the CO2 burden of the atmosphere.
Future??? What’s that?

Climate Institute Video on the details.


Clean Energy Council have something to say too.

And HERE is the opinion of somebody who ought to know what they are talking about. A transcript of more information.

Perhaps it is time to call your government representative?