Are you getting the most from your solar system?

D.C. Optimisation for PV Systems:

Shading, panel degradation, soiling and temperature will affect each solar panel in your PV array a little differently. With a conventional setup, a drop in output from one panel will affect the total power delivered from the whole system. D.C. Optimisers track each solar panel individually, eliminating output mismatch and ensuring optimum energy is delivered from every single solar panel, no matter what’s happening with the rest of the array.

D.C. Optimisation also provides:

  • Online monitoring of every panel. Problems which might otherwise go unnoticed are immediately identified when maintenance is required.
  • Automatic D.C safety to prevent arc fault fires

Increase the energy yield and safety of your solar PV system with D.C. Optimisers.

We offer:
Tigo D.C. optimisers (monitoring included) – www.tigoenergy.com
SolarEdge D.C optimisers and dedicated inverters (monitoring included) – www.solaredge.com

System Optimisation

If you want more from your existing solar system, we’ll inspect your equipment, assess current performance, check your energy use and make recommendations.