Residential Solar PV (Electricity) Systems

More than a million Australian homes now have solar PV systems and solar energy is helping to significantly reduce household energy costs. At Euan Angus Solar we can help you to discover the benefits of using solar energy to provide power and heat to your home, and to avoid the pitfalls that can ruin your investment.

The solar industry is very dynamic and continues to change. Significant oversupply of solar PV panels has meant wholesale panel prices have plummeted, which is causing major consolidation in the solar PV industry with many companies leaving the market, including some very well-known brands. It makes your choice of solar panel extremely important – will your brand still be supported in 20 years, or even 10?

We can provide for you:

  • Up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of the current state of the solar market and how it will affect your investment in solar.
  • Expertise in assessing the right solar solution for your individual situation and in selecting the highest quality option on the market to meet your needs as effectively as possible.
  • Information on how to get the best from your investment, despite recent wind-backs of rebates and feed-in tariffs.
  • An accurate estimation of the energy yield for your site.
  • Advice on how to maximise your return from solar energy harvesting.
  • Added support with potential energy saving measures to reduce your daily energy usage.

Some important points about how we do business and what to consider when installing a Solar PV System:

  • We always conduct a site inspection prior to quoting the installation, in order to:
    a) physically check everything that can affect system performance
    b) ensure the system designed will work at your site, and
    c) provide a firm price with no hidden variations.
  • We provide product sourced from genuine Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers – these companies have long-standing reputations around the world; they have strength, longevity and the highest credentials.
  • Our inverters are sourced from well-respected European manufacturers with long-established reputations for quality, excellent performance and outstanding service.
  • We use only genuine European switchgear, cabling and connectors, which are designed for long life in extreme conditions.
  • The best result comes from the best design, i.e. the system which maximises your return on investment.
  • Our site inspection includes assessment of your energy use and advice on potential energy savings, allowing you to achieve the maximum potential benefits from your investment.
  • Our Clean Energy Council accredited electrician takes great pride in personally performing all his installations – he’s the one who does the work, he doesn’t just sign off on it. That’s why we’re pleased to work with him and back his work with confidence
  • Beware of rushed installations. Media reports confirm post-installation checks by a Government-appointed Regulator have identified serious faults in a large percentage (20%+) of existing solar PV systems.
  • Always beware of inferior quality, imitations and short-cuts; with a solar system it can destroy your investment and, worse still, be potentially dangerous.

Our message is clear – don’t take chances with either the equipment or with installation standards.

Speak to us about a system to provide you with decades of reliable energy generation.

Battery Systems

We are receiving more and more requests for information and advice about why and when to think about battery systems, both as an add-on to an existing PV installations and also as complete integrated new installations.

There are a number of factors to consider when offering our thoughts on battery systems. It is not just a matter of buying a stack of batteries and running a lead to the switchboard!

Amongst these considerations are the different battery chemistry and thus performance, the actual pattern of power generation and in turn, the use.  Some people want to be completely “off-grid”, others just want a back up in case of black outs.

We are ready and able to discuss your personal requirements when designing and deploying your solar power system or adding to your existing solar system.

Residential Solar Water Heating Systems, including Solar Hydronic

In Australia we’re in one of the world’s solar “hot spots”, and energy from the Sun can provide the majority of your annual water heating energy. In Victoria that can be over 70% of the heating required for your domestic hot water system.

We also design and install Hybrid Solar water heating systems that can furnish your domestic hot water, ‘Hydronic’ space heating and pool heating requirements.

Hybrid systems are common-place in many parts of Europe and North America yet are very new to Australia, despite the fact that our solar radiation levels are amongst the highest in the world.

We install the latest in evacuated tube solar collector technology and can offer systems with up to 15 years warranty.

Solar Powered Heat Pump Water Heaters

Recently introduced, these can be an excellent choice. These are NOT  evacuated tubes but are similar in principle to the compressor in a fridge or the heating and cooling elements in an air-conditioning unit.

For every unit of power (from your panels) put into a modern heat pump, approximately 3 of what is effectively free usable heat are extracted from the ambient air.  This heat can be used to provide hot water for all your needs, including heating spas and swimming pools.  Almost magic!

Speak to us about designing a water heating system for your home.