Soiling of your solar panels will reduce their output. We provide regular cleaning and maintenance for your solar array, which will optimise your solar power generation.

PV System Check & Maintenance

We provide regular inspection and system performance check, to ensure your solar system is working at maximum potential.

You may be aware that a recent government report has indicated that up to 25% of all systems fitted at the height of the Feed in Tariff are defective in some way, either components and/or workmanship. There have been a number of fires attributable to such faulty installations. It is therefore very important that such work is inspected by credible experienced and accredited Solar electrical engineers. We can help.

Solar Hot Water/Solar Hydronic Systems

We will organise an inspection to determine the condition of your system. We will also arrange regular cleaning and programmed maintenance to ensure maximum system performance and safety.


  • Site Assessment – to determine how much energy is being used, and where.
  • Feasibility – we identify the most effective system set-up for your specific situation (PV panels, solar hot water, or a combination).
  • Yield Estimate – how much energy your system can be expected to generate.
  • Rebates / Credits – advice on what’s available.
  • All quotes are net quotes – no hidden fees or charges


  • Euan Angus specialises in designing tailor-made solar solutions, adapted to fit individual specifications and situations.
  • Experience with integrated solar solutions comprising both PV and solar hot water means you get the most effective system possible.
  • State-of-the-art software and tools accurately assess the potential yield of your system.
  • Every client receives a fully transparent quote with net cost breakdowns and expected energy yield.
  • Euan Angus Solar uses only the highest quality components from reputable suppliers with a proven track record of excellence in the solar industry (e.g. European manufacturers such as Fronius and SMA (see Products – word as link to Products page).


  • Every solar PV installation is managed by our accredited solar electrician.
  • Every solar hot water system is installed by our specialist solar hot water installer.
  • The staff and partners of Euan Angus Solar exemplify at all times a high level of professionalism, completing jobs to a high standard and meeting agreed deadlines.
  • All inspection, compliance and connection documentation will be prepared and lodged on your behalf.

In addition Euan is committed to providing on-going support for all his installations. He always ensures his clients can contact him directly.

  • All systems supplied by Euan Angus Solar carry manufacturers’ and installation warranties.