Solar Panels on your Brighton Property

Brighton is another great place to make the most of solar power. With so many north-facing roofs along the coast, as well as ~75% of homes in the area being standalone properties with their own roofs, there is considerable potential to minimize power bills.

Optimizing your system

We can also optimise solar panels on your Black Rock property, if there is any doubt as to the performance. This optimization process involves a thorough investigation of your total energy needs and system performance, as well as recommendations for expansions.

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Solar maintenance in Brighton.

Many owners have already installed solar panels on their Brighton properties. If you’re one of the smart people already enjoying the benefits of solar, make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible – speak to Euan Angus at Euan Angus Solar about planned solar maintenance , at the same time you call about ways to optimise your solar panels for maximum output.

Is one of your panels damaged or underperforming? Perhaps we can help. Call us to find out.

Solar hot water

One of our specialties is the design and installation of solar hot water systems for Brighton homes. Did you know that hot water can account for up to ~30% of your electricity bill? Using solar power for your hot water lets you cut down on your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

It is a reliable and consistent way to get hot water for the whole family!

Don’t forget solar hot water heating for your swimming pools!

We also offer solar hot water repairs. We work with our own plumbers to return your solar hot water system to full function as soon as possible.

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