Solar Panels in Surrey Hills by Euan Angus

Euan Angus at Euan Angus Solar is proud to serve clients in the Surrey Hills area.
We offer a wide range of services including design and configuration, installation, repairs and maintenance.

Optimizing your system

We can optimise solar panels on Surrey Hills properties to make sure they’re running as efficiently as possible.
Our team provides friendly, expert service and prompt responses. Whether you need careful solar repairs or a regular solar maintenance plan, we invite you to give us a call to arrange a free inspection.

Solar maintenance in Surrey Hills

Making the most out of your setup means paying close attention to maintenance and cleaning. Euan Angus Solar can help make sure that your system is functioning at it‘s best. We may also be able to offer solar repairs for emergency situations,

Solar hot water

We can design and install bespoke solar hot water systems for Surrey Hills homes.
Did you know that hot water can account for up to ~30% of your electricity bill?
Using solar power for your hot water lets you cut down on your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
It is a reliable and consistent way to get hot water for the whole family!

Don’t forget solar hot water heating for your swimming pools!

We also offer solar hot water repairs.
We work with our own plumbers to return your solar hot water system to full function as soon as possible.

For more information or your free inspection, call us now on 0455 370 240.