It is 12 months today since my Solar PV was connected to the grid. Pleasingly, it has performed slightly better than predicted.

During this time we have also been able to gradually and prudently decrease our everyday electricity consumption which has complemented our decision to install PV.

A quick estimate indicates that XXXXX Energy would owe me about $965 for the 12 months.

J.M Melbourne.

Euan Angus Solar provided us with high quality professional advice on system choice and meticulous service on the installation of our home PV system. We are delighted with the result – very effective panels with easy to manage online monitoring system. This was an entirely positive experience as Euan and his team were clearly committed to excellence as well as being very helpful and easy to deal with at all times.

Sarah in St Kilda.

Now that we have had our solar voltaic panels installed for 6 months, we wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how delighted we are with their performance.
In terms of the actual performance of the panels, while you gave us a conservative estimate that they should produce roughly 7-8 kwh/day. Our panels have greatly exceeded these expectations, as they are routinely producing 9-11 kwh/day which is fantastic.
We are extremely happy with these results and at this rate can see that the panels will pay for themselves over a much shorter time period than we originally thought. We are also extremely happy at the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, which was our original reason for having the panels installed.
Euan we would also like to say a big Thank You for providing such a comprehensive service. From day one, you have impressed us with your high level of service and your careful and unrushed approach to the various considerations associated this job. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions and it is much appreciated. We have spoken to a number of our friends about the panels and the great service that you offer.
We hope you find this feedback useful. Please feel free to share our experience with any of your clients who are thinking about installing solar panels.


I just thought you may be interested to know that our 10kW solar panel system has now generated nearly 11,000kWh since installation in April 2012.
As at 31 January 2013, generation was 10,206kWh. Your forecasts back from November 2011 were that the system would generate 10,160kWh by that stage. I can’t ask for anything more accurate than that!

J.M Camberwell

On behalf of Surrey Hill Primary School I write to thank you for the outstanding service and quality of product which we received for our solar installation. The National Schools Solar team has visited the school and conducted an audit over an hour and a half .. they commented we were one of the few schools visited where all the details and requirements were met and that the quality of the work and products were excellent. In their words “One of the best systems we have seen”..
.. I remind you that we worked together over 2 years to see this project through to completion. Your assistance ranged from the early stages of selecting the system, providing options to allow for future capacity increase without compromising current output and the fine tuning to meet all grant requirements along with timely advice when solar panels reduced in cost allowing us to install a larger system.
Your response to queries was always prompt and assisted us to meet timelines easily.

Jen Sutherland

Dear Euan

National Solar Schools Project 413 at Erasmus Primary School Hawthorn

On the 10 August 2011 the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency congratulated Erasmus School on completing its solar project under the National Solar Schools Program(NSSP).

The success of the solar project at Erasmus School is largely due to the attention and care provided by you. In particular I acknowledge that the project was undertaken without disrupting the day to day operation of the school and solar hot water and 6kW solar electricity system will leave a significant environmental legacy for the school’s community.

Erasmus School will continue to provide you with solar energy monitoring. This data will help other schools or community organisations understand how solar energy makes a significant contribution in caring for our environment.

Yours sincerely
Glen Miller

G Miller, Principal, Erasmus School.